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Department of Environment and Water Management,A.N.College,Patna - 800013 , INDIA 
Grade "A" College (Accredited by NAAC)
Center with Potential  for Excellence (CPE)  Status given by UGC,New Delhi


The apex body of higher education U.G.C. has conferred the status of " College with Potential for Excellence" (CPE) in 2004, and NAAC has accredited Grade - 'A' to A.N.College,Patna in 2005

Dept.of Environment and Water Management

Microbiology lab was established through financial support from Department of Biotechnology,Government of India.

Microbiology Lab.

Hydrology lab has a modern Hydrolic Bench to study experiments  related with flow of water in open and closed channels.

Hydrology Lab.

Department of Environment and Water Management (EWM) was established in 1996 as a centre for vocational studies and research , sponsored by UGC,New Delhi.Since its inception, Dept. of EWM  is dedicated to provide quality education to  students persuing graduate studies in the field of environment.The Dept. of EWM has well equipped Microbiology lab,Hydrology lab and Instrumentation lab.The department has good atmosphere for research.The faculty members have presented many research papers at National and  International Conferences.

Dr.Ashok Ghosh,Dr.Nupur Bose and Dr.P.Kumar at OCEANS 03 Conference at San Diego,California,USA

Dr.Ashok Ghosh attending ISCO 04 Conference at Brishbane,Australia

Instrumentation lab has all the required instruments for the study of physico- chemical  parameters of water,soil and air.

Instrumentation Lab

Herbal Garden

Dept. of EWM  in association with Department of Environmental Sciences has developed a herbal garden,rain water harvesting unit and a vermicomposting unit.Students are encouraged to undertake environmentl friendly projects.

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Department of Environment and Water Management,A.N.College,
Patna-800 013,India
Grade "A" College ( Accredited by NAAC )
CPE Status by UGC,New Delhi