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My Resume

Dr.Ashok  K.Ghosh



Dr.Ashok Kumar Ghosh

M.Sc.(Gold Medalist),Ph.D.

Professor Incharge

Dept. of Environment and Water Management




Dr. Ashok Kumar Ghosh is working as Professor-in-Charge in the department of Environment and Water Management, A.N.College [Magadh University], Patna, India. He is engaged in active research in the area of water quality, especially arsenic and fluoride contaminations in groundwater resources. He is an International Scientific Advisor of UKIERI- sponsored research project for Arsenic studies-PRAMA [University of Manchester]. He is a collaborator in the Environmental Conservation studies under Cambridge-India Partnership. He is an advisor of WaterAid India, an affiliate of WaterAid U.K., and also of East Zone Water partnership, an affiliate of Global Water Partnership(GWP). He was the P.I. of UNICEF-sponsored project on arsenic-affected groundwater in Bihar and reported many Arsenic hotspots in four districts of Bihar(Patna,Bhojpur,Bhagalpur and Vaishali). Currently he’s working on UGC-sponsored project on Risk Assessment of Population in Arsenic Affected Areas in Bhojpur District, Bihar. Besides Dr.Ghosh is also working on a project on Nano-biotechnology, sponsored by UGC.Dr.Ghosh has presented his research papers in International Seminars in India and abroad (USA, UK, Australia,

Ireland and Spain)



Objective: Teaching and Research  in the field of Environment and Water Management ,and Biotechnolgy.

To find a fulfilling career that makes the best use of my skills.

Experience - I have a teaching experiance of 34 years at graduate and post  graduate level.I  am presently teaching at A.N.College,Patna,INDIA.My area of specialisation is Genetics and  Environmental Microbiology.
I am associated with research projects related to arsenic contamination in ground water (Supported by Unicef) ,Isolation of microbes with biofertilzer capability from the soil of Bihar (Supported by DBT, Government of India), and Nano-Bio-Technology,supported by UGC,New Delhi.

Lecturer ,Ranchi University,Ranchi  : 1974 - 1975

Lecturer,Patna Sceince College,Patna University - 1973

Department of Environment and Water Management,A.N.College,
Patna-800 013,India
Grade "A" College ( Accredited by NAAC )
CPE Status by UGC,New Delhi